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Our Offerings


Back to basics

Videos: 179

Lesson based videos that are animated and teach you the fundamentals, as well as the core concepts, that are required to excel in Maths.


Videos: 25

The video content is constructed in a manner to demonstrate how a Maths concept is applied in real life situations. The aim is not to teach a concept, but rather simulate Maths application in an actual environment.


100’s of questions

All our questions are unique and are authored by WITS Maths graduates. They are designed to be effective when presented in multiple choice format. All questions have distractors and solutions to provide constructive feedback, and aim to provide the learner extensive information on why it is incorrect and how to come the correct conclusion or answer.

Modules Grade 11

Modules: 12

Exponents and Surds, Equations and Inequalities, Number Patterns, Analytical Geometry, Functions, Trigonometry, 2D Trigonometry, Measurement, Euclidean Geometry, Finance, Growth and Decay, Probability, Statistics

Modules Grade 12

Modules: 12

Logarithmic and Exponential Graphs, Patterns & Sequences, Inverse Graphs, Finance, Growth & Decay, Trigonomic Compound & Double Angles, 2D and 3D Trigonometry, Differential Calculus, Analytical Geometry, Euclidean Geometry, Statistics, Probability

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Extra Lessons Centre

We have a Extra Lessons learning centre located in Randburg, Johannesburg. In this learning centre we offer specialized lessons in Maths where you interact and collaborate with other students, facilitators and Maths experts to learn Maths in an engaging way using technology and your environment.

About Us

Ten Fold was born out of the need to offer a service that provides the best learning content to all students in the South African market regardless of region, background or creed.

Traditional learning as we know it today has been around for hundreds of years.

Although the world has changed in all aspects, the manner in which we teach our children has not and this has created a situation where kids of today do not get the individualized education they need to succeed and be their best.

Ten Fold is an Ed-tech company that focusses on creating the best learning content & platforms that is relevant to the needs of today’s learners. Our content is CAPS aligned and covers both Maths grade 11 & 12 in great detail with conceptual fundamentals, basic foundational instruction and visually appealing lessons. The lessons offered are designed to be engaging & effective for all learners.

Our content is offered within a Mobile App making it possible to learn anywhere and anytime. Our platform also offers assessments that are designed by some of the top experts at WITS University. The questions are constructed to identify shortcomings in a learners knowledge base and direct them on a path that will assist them to master the topic at hand.

We also have an extra lesson centre in Randburg (Johannesburg), where we offer engaging, exciting and market related short courses like coding, robotics and maker spaces. We also run extra lessons for Maths, but in a collaborative and disruptive manner where kids learn while being supervised by facilitators and assisted by WITS Maths students.

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